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Maeve has a mailbox for your private messages. They go into a "vault" that is never opened. This is a way for you to send your private thoughts about Maeve.

Maeve Seahorse Merry-go-round
You can also send some scanned art you made for Planet Creature and possible display on this web site. By sending us creative contributions we understand you are giving us permission to publish them on the web site.

Of course your private letters to Maeve will never be published. They will remain private forever.

Private message to maeve - This email is for private messages.
Send some art for Planet Creature - You can send any type of art you like. If it is a story, you can attach it to the email. Pictures can also be attached. They should be saved as .jpg format. The file size pf the attachments in total has to be under 10 MB. If you need help with this, you can use the email for technical help. If you want to send us a DVD or CD disc, Post it to PO BOX 3015 South Brisbane Q 4101, marked ART FOR PLANET CREATURE.
Send a message to Maeve's parents, Frank Coughlan and Robyn Brady