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The Marvellous Adventures of Patsi Zipping and the Flying Cat Ambulance Brigade

A quirky but brilliant girl (Patsi Zipping) who wears odd socks, thinks she is a cat, and yearns to fly … meets a motley but dedicated Flying Cat Ambulance Brigade service-on-probation, that wants to save the down-trodden and hapless creatures of the Universe, from their base Infirmary in a large tree on Planet Creature… But true “saves” turn out to be more complicated than they realise, and with the Grumbles at large - a group of cruel and greedy cats marketing a fuel called Superium, who aim to over-throw the Planet Creature Code - it seems that not only the Ambulance Brigade, but the whole of Planet Creature may be at stake …

As the film shows, this story emerged from Maeve's world and was workshopped with the Bumbletown kids. I am now in the process of transforming it into a puppet theatre piece, as the visual images and drama are strong.

Patsi's Room (mov, 667KB) - QTVR movie - Step with your mouse into this virtual experience of Patsi's Room
In which Patsi has a Birthday and Three Bad Things Happen (excerpt) (pdf, 25KB)
Patsi's Room (gif, 351KB)